01 January 2012

Double dose of reflections

It's the time of the year again- my birthday which happens to be the New Year's day according to Julian calendar, not the lunar or Hijrah calendar. Which brings me to think not to celebrate as it does not appear to be of any importance to celebrate my life. Instead, I should feel blessed to be 22 years old and Allah SWT has given me another second to use this life to do things that He wants me to.

However, it is sometimes good to think of your birthday which coincides with New Year's Day. These two days give you a sense of predictability and organised reflections. For Muslims, the muhasabah concept is not just to be done in Ramadhan. For me, birthdays too should remind us that we are not keep getting younger.

Birthday and New Year- double dose of reflections. To my friends, I do not need birthday presents. Yes, I am being frank and not the sarcastic ways I used to do. Well, to be less sarcastic is one of the things I want to do this year. Back to the presents, I am sure gifts cannot substitute all of you. However, there is nothing wrong to make each of us happy. I have already told my Curtin Assabiah friends to not to give me any present. Well, if you still want to make a tradition to give each of us birthday presents, it's okay. I guess all of you already know what could be the one I have wanted. I prefer if you do not give me anything, though. I am serious.-The Chukai Insider

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