05 January 2012

Malaysian Muslims always in fear?

There is a controversial issue running in the tabloids and even in mainstream media of Malaysia- the smart student who scored 17As in high school who has been different since the day she left Malaysia. Or is that the case? Is Amalina, the medical student in Edinburgh could be the example of the changing Malaysian society?
Physically, she does look different- blond hair and the starkest difference is that she takes her hair cover off which is a big no-no in conservative Muslim societies. However, it is not the issue of this young girl that should be the main concern. It is that the whole Muslim in Malaysia who are always in constant fear of themselves unable to follow their religion closely.

They always fear that people of other religion have agendas to destroy their faiths. In societies, particularly of those in conservative areas, there is always a constant belief that many of other religions are trying convert them especially to the young ones to other religion. It is not just religion. It goes beyond the lifestyle adopted by the youths as well.

The case of the medical student brought attention of many. She was idolised by many of the students with her hard work and all-rounder qualities. The issue is whether things written about her are true or not? Malaysians, in general like to jump on conclusion once they read or see something without knowing what goes on behind the story.
The front page of a news tabloid featuring Amalina in her controversial picture. This front-paged story shows you how much Malaysians love controversies.
This is not the first time such a story makes its headlines in mainstream media. Few years ago, a mathematics genius who studied in Oxford under government company's scholarship, Safiah shocked Malaysians with her prostitution. 

Muslims in Malaysia are always not confident with their beliefs but never tried to strengthen theirs the right way. Most Malaysians blame many ridiculous aspects that deteriorate the moral and beliefs of the young. The case of baby dumping, pre-marital sex, free sex, homosexuals, bisexuals, drugs and mat rempit are embedded in the society but it is obvious that the blaming game is part of the so-called solutions to the social problems. 

The most ridiculous reason given always go back to the so-called agenda of the 'Jews' or people of other religion. Last year, a group which calls themselves Obedient Wives Club made international headlines with its book that aims to show sex guides to bring the glory of Islam from the Jews. Stupid and very narrow-minded, isn't it?

Most Malaysian Muslims are always in constant fear but never tried to make their believers to have stronger relationship with the religion. Why do they always have to blame others? The root of the problem lies within the society which are made up of families and schools. It goes back to parenting and teaching at schools. There are no Jews in Malaysia and no systematic agenda by the non-believers in TV or Astro to deviate your child. 

The funniest thing I read today is about another best Malaysian student, Madihah who is currently studying in Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar which is described by her as 'Westernised'. Another case of someone not being confident of her selves that led to the belief that others can influence you easily. Isn't that will show to the rest that how easy it is to change your belief? I studied in KTJ before and there was no people calling my friends 'budak pakai khemah' and I am definitely sure that the students still do not call you that. The word I am suggesting is paranoid.

It is true that in some ways that the Western style is not in coherent with Islamic teaching. However, in KTJ what is practised as 'westernised' is sometimes more Islamic than what the 'budak pakai khemah' in Kelantan practised. In fact, even tarawih prayers are placed to be 'wajib' by my English housemaster eventhough he is not a Muslim (although this is wrong, but he made it compulsory). He was the one going from one room to another room calling for Muslims to go to the surau to pray. Interestingly, the Muslim students were running away from him. Whose fault was that? The Jews?  The freedom to express beliefs, respecting others, rights to speak up and differences of culture are the things that you cannot get anywhere else but KTJ.

 If you feel threatened with your belief all the time, how are you going to make difference and show the rest that you are able to do something in the cause of Islam? If you think that you are easily influenced by others, that is what you are.-The Chukai Insider

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  1. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahJanuary 5, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    Kan kan kan???? Janganlah takut sangat dengan other cultures. Those challenges are how you strengthen your religion. Kalau teringin nak study overseas janganlah takut. What is life without challenges. Prepare yourself, prepare your kid and doa jela.


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