04 January 2012

Mecca or mecca

When I watched a news program just now, a word made its way to my mind through my ears. The word was 'mecca' and it was used in the context in which I was not so comfortable to listen to. 

It sounded like this-'...the mecca of gambling, Las Vegas'. It was a news program to report a financial point of view for the Las Vegas of the East, Macau. I know it is a semantic thing to discuss here but putting Mecca and gambling in a sentence is just inappropriate, for me.

I've seen people using the word for many times before to metaphorically describing a place as the capital or the focal point of any activities. The word mecca as defined in an online dictionary as 'a place that attracts people' is listed as the second meaning. The first meaning is, as expected-'the holiest place of the Muslims'.

In Islam, gambling is forbidden. And Mecca is our holiest place on Earth. 

Hence, when a Muslim sees that the sin capital of the world is described to be the holiest place for gambling by using an Islamic-derived word, I see something is not right with it. Don't you think so? Mecca and Las Vegas.-The Chukai Insider

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