04 January 2012

My relationship with a video

There were times when my friends ask me about this video of Dr. Asri being put on my blog. Why have I never deleted the video from this blog and put it in the sidebar like the video is yours?

I watched the video for the first time when I was in a very difficult and sad position. I was having one of the hardest days in my academic journey. It was the time when you felt that life was shrinking and collapsing. Okay, I maybe have gone too far to describe it. But the point is, watching the video makes me feel how ungrateful and forgetful I am towards the 'rezeki' given by Allah SWT. He never stopped loving me but I was constantly putting my own cause before anything else. I was very focused. I laid plans without realising that there was a greater power that controls your life. I acknowledged the principle but never fully applied the concept in my life. And I think most of us still do.

From the day I watched this video, it made me a much stronger person. It changed the way I think. Of course, it was in Allah's will that it happened. In sad moments, we think of Allah SWT but what about when we are at the pinnacle of success living life happily? Do we remember our God? Most of the time we forget.

I put the video in my blog as a constant reminder, whether in times of happiness or sad, that I should always remember Allah SWT and be super-grateful with what He has planned for me.-The Chukai Insider

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