07 January 2012

Something Blue

A thing to miss in Miri- my motorcycle. Instead of the all the time driving cars in Kemaman, I kind of missing having a motorcycle to ride on. I used to ride with my friends Amin for quite some time after SPM and and my father only allowed me to use it around the areas that he allowed me to go on motorcycle. Amin never learnt how to ride a motorbike. Or did he? 

As hard it was to confide my parents, especially my 'bekeng' father, I managed to get their permissions to buy a motorcycle. Mind you, it was not that easy. I do not want you to think that I am some kind of spoilt child who always gets what he wants. No, I am not a spoilt brat. I do not even get an i-Pad or a DSLR camera. A motorcycle is a need in inefficient-public-transport Miri and that is the basis of my reason to get a motorcycle. -The Chukai Insider


  1. I bought my two babies with the money I earned, who's the spoilt brat?

  2. What did you mean by 'babies'? Laptop and DSLR ke? It's not my fault my father wants to pay for the motorcycle.... 

  3. And i've corrected the 'spoilt'.

  4. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahJanuary 7, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    eh,mu saloh eja ke tadi? dok prasang pujukla apek kalu mu online. dia tgh takut nk exam tu


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