04 January 2012

A tiger spirit

Photo: A tiger in a forest in Indonesia
A tiger peers at a camera trap it triggered while hunting in the early morning in the forests of northern Sumatra, Indonesia.
Source: National Geographic
Let's become more like a tiger this year. No? A tiger always on the look out for things that may harm and look for opportunities and grab them whenever it can. Tigers are not lazy I guess compared to the lions of the Africa which sleep for more than half of their days. 

Look at the tiger in the photo and you can tell that it is gorgeous. Don't you see it? The elegance of his/her walking brings out his/her charisma and that is what a leader should look like. Not just that, its face is also full of humbleness. No? Don't you see the expressionless face that is just hiding things from your mind? And you are just keep wondering what is in the tiger's mind. I guess it's not that hard and it may sound like this- 'Delicious you human meat! What a treat!'

Look at the eyes. They tell us that we should be more focused. That is what we should do and it is always on the look out for things. A tiger does not just plan, it executes. It keeps walking for opportunities and grab them. That is what we should do. 

A tiger is also very passionate with its hunting. That is what we should do as well. Our case is not as different compared to that of the tiger. If a tiger loses its passion of hunting, it could die. If human loses their passion to do things that they like, it makes them unhappy and work is not fulfilling. Then, it's almost like the works are meaningless. Die?-The Chukai Insider

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