23 November 2012

How do you 'force' passion?

I've got a friend who asked me few weeks ago right before we both sat for an exam paper: How do you have this passion in what you're studying (i.e geology)?

I could not have answered properly then but it kept me thinking. Let's settle at first that I'm in no position to talk about 'how to be passionate' in what you are doing- give it to the so-called motivators!

I've never liked let alone being in good grasp of the knowledge of the Earth sciences. If you asked the Form Five me, I would not have been able to answer what mantle is. I accidentally (it's Allah's plan, Alhamdulillah) 'forced' to study Geology since I got a C in A-Level Physics and not be able to continue my studies in Geophysics- and I chose to study Geophysics simply because I love Physics. And somehow Physics killed the dream! Oh the dream- wet, cold, rainy Seattle!

Afterwards, I got the sense that I really love studying about the Earth in my first year of undergraduate studies. I myself have been asking as to why do I am in a very passionate quest for knowing about what am I studying. Again, Allah's plan.

These are my stories as how I think the reasons I got caught up with geology and love every second of it! - (except when I have to look at microscopes not knowing what type of pyroxenes exist on the thin sections).

1. Praying and asking from Allah SWT

I've always heard the stories of my cousins who do not like what they are doing. The families of mine are made of professionals who are highly educated- except for my parents. And so their parents are mostly have in mind of what their children should and should not be but not my parents.

When their stories of dropping out from universities or not in love in what they do pop up in family discussions, I've alway been thinking what if the same thing happening to me? And so when I started my first year of university I always pray that Allah SWT  would grant me passion in what I'm studying. Ikhlas is owned by Him and only He shall grant it to whomever He wants. I am no expert in this matter so I highly recommend you to read Ikhlas Tanpa Batas. 

2. Do the extras

If you like to read- go read anything geology. Each of your subject covers huge scope of more specific discussions and I'm sure you can find one that interests you. No? I love fossils but never liked to learn about dinosaurs- it's the micro-sized ones that interest me. 

3. If you're doing Natural Sciences- read Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything

Oh not reading again! Well, the book romanticise the discoveries made by scientists and you feel like reading a science novel when you read the book.

4. Pretend to be interested? 

5. UNDERSTAND, AND RELATE. You find rocks everywhere- the World is your classroom!

-The Chukai Insider

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