23 November 2012


I've not written anything fun since I came back from Indonesia. Reports, field trips, lab tests and exams since had worked so well together to keep me away as far as possible from writing and reading. I've dreaded reading the most though. 

I bought IQ84 and Gretchen Ruben's Project Happiness right before my final exams. Project Happiness is a total waste although my procrastination to study helped me to finish the book. I stopped reading Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 after I finished Book Two because the voluminous amount of words he put to use to tell the story seem to have no difference with his past books. There's always the cat, weird weathers and of course- two characters whose fate intertwining each other.

I became very interested to learn about Malay history in particular the Malay's lifestyles under the British rule before the Japanese invasion. I found out about Munshi Abdullah  from a dear friend of mine, Maharaja Syafiq and he sparked my interest in knowing about the great contributor to Malay language- and that's why the title 'Munshi'.

Two main things about Munshi Abdullah made me very fond of him:

1. He was of Indian origin.
2. He mentioned that the role played by the Sultans of the past as rulers made the people or rakyat became lazy in nature. If you read his books which are soooo hard to find, you'll know by what he meant. More about this later, maybe. 

I found this bookstore which sells old books, or vintage, antiques or whatever you like to call it. I bought a very old book in Indonesia for less than RM5 about Earth's History and I became interested in books of the past now. Well, every hobby costs you money.-The Chukai Insider

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