22 July 2010

Less Serious This Time - Episode 1

Photos courtesy of Liyana Lee.

Yesterday, I went for my pre-departure briefing before going to study in the States, amin. I arrived at KLCC so early because as usual, my sister send me to the train station right after my Subuh prayer. There alone in KLCC, I took out my Pearl S. Buck's The God Earth waiting for my other friends. Do you know, there are lots of people already as in the early morning in KLCC. The Petronas staffs and the Suria Salesmen kept coming from the train station. It was like New York, I thought.

40 minutes, before 8.30 am, I took out my book and read it. 8.16 am, Farrah phoned me and ask me to go to the lounge of KLCC. So, I went there and saw Azim, another friend of mine with her. Azim has a new look, but it totally is not good. In other word, bad. 

Level 40 : After series of funny events and Azim looking very funny(overdressed), we went straight away to the Dining Hall because we were freaking hungry. Before that, we saw a guy from Sri KDU College and I don't give a damn to remember his name and so, goodbye! Only Azim, the-one-who-always-kind-to-handsome-boys did make a contact. 

After the briefing, I had a burger date with my junior (another post to describe her later on), Liyana Lee whom I agreed to treat her with burger. She took random pictures and we talked a lot! She brought a friend with her, Amm who was very quite, probably Al-Azhar mad her so. Then, Aiman and Farrah came to see us, surprisingly. Okay, more talking and forgiving! There is more in the next episode.

Less serious, Liyana Lee?

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