24 July 2010

No wonder they see us as hypocrites

If you happen to read  The Star on 24th July 2010, you can see how some stupid Muslims react in Malaysia to some religious issues. We do not have to graduate high schools to say that they are Malays, who just react with plain stupidity to confront them. It is not I am saying all of them are, but please make yourselves sound smarter when giving reasons or making judgements. It is about the Manchester United jerseys that features a devil. Not that I am saying it is wrong for them because they put their football jerseys first before their believe (as I myself not a perfect Muslim or ma'sum), but how wrong it is to pretend that you care about your religion.

To quote the report by The Star,
“What am I going to do with all my Manchester United jerseys? And my sons’ jerseys?” said a Twitter user.
Aren't they stupid? If you are a Muslim and you are saying "No, they are not stupid,"perhaps you should know what stupidity means. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary states that the term 'stupidity' means 'behaviour that shows a lack of thought or good judgement'. If you still say "No, they are not stupid," that means you are part of the Stupid Muslims League of Malaysia ( there is no such thing though). Yes, we are entitled to our own opinion in this country, so I am entitled to mine. So, if you think I am wrong, please give your comments.

Let me remind you, we do live in a country where conservatism is still strong but the liberalisms has vocal opinions. However, the statements given does not have intellectual values to be labelled neither conservative nor liberal. I could think of just another category which is Stupiditism.

To quote the report again,

There is no “religious ban” on Manchester United jerseys despite statements by several prominent Islamic scholars urging Muslims not to don the Premier League club’s shirts because the emblem features a devil.
Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said jerseys with devils, crosses or skulls promoted the wrong values for Muslims but that did not mean they should be banned.
“A fatwa on the matter is not necessary as it is clearly wrong for Muslims to wear shirts with devils and other unIslamic symbols because it is against the teachings of Islam,” he said yesterday.
Apart from Manchester United, which is also known as The Red Devils, other football teams whose crests carry images deemed unIslamic like the cross are Brazil, Portu gal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway.
“In Islam, Satan is our enemy ... but I believe Satan is also an enemy of the non-Muslims.
Being a hypocrite to show that you are a good Muslim will not help yourselves to make others believe in you. We all make mistakes and do regular sins everyday, but never make stupid reactions/statements to defend your sincerity to your football club or artists in other cases.

I am not an anti-football fans, but an anti-stupid reasons. I do like football occasionally, especially when the last fever we had less than a month ago. As the mufti said, it is already wrong to wear them and so if you believe that you are a good Muslim, or wants to be one, refrain yourselves from doing so. However, never pretend that you are but at the same time doing it. It is your rights ( that's what the Western Orientalist s  say), but remember not to give your own red card to your own beliefs. Perhaps you will realise someday, it is not Wayne Rooney or Park Ji Sung that will carry your casket to the graveyard, and it is too late. Let us all pray that this will not happen  in the future and that all of our lives will be blessed by Allah. I also pray that this will not happen to all of us as well. Amin. Full report from The Star here.

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