22 August 2010

Less Serious This Time- Episode 2

It has been almost two months before I stopped writing for this blog.

Before the D-Day
I was busy doing visa with so much hype and excitement to go to Seattle. Well, everything was to be settled down; visa, passport etc. I stayed in my house in KL for a quite long time to get everything done. Staying alone in the house made me realise how calm I was.
Shahid contacted me one day and asked if I want to go to Alamanda in Putrajaya and watch Angelina Jolie’s Salt. There, Shahid told me that he wanted to go to Kemaman, my hometown to get his GCE English certificate at Rantau Petronas in Kerteh. The plan to go to my house went well. Funny, his car is probably older than me. She managed to climb Karak highway though. Shahid was reluctant at first to bring me back to Kemaman on his car just because of the condition of the car. I did. We survived!
Shahid went to his school the next day. There was a lot of “where are you studying now?” s, and I was so sick of it. Who wouldn’t? I brought Shahid to see my best friend, Amin. He knows him as well because we used to go to camps together. We went out and took lunch with Lian, another KTJ-ian. Amin is not, and he was not the normal live-out-loud Amin! We made plans to go to Cherating that evening, without Lian though.

It was very nice in Cherating. We were having lots of ‘eyes cleansing’ before Ramadhan as well, you know what I mean. 

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