22 August 2010

Less Serious This Time- Episode 3

On the D-Day
I had a plan with Azim actually to endure the supposedly the happiest day of my life before it became the D-Day. He supposedly called the office to ask my result. It didn’t happen. So, I called Ms Sarah and I heard the most unforgettable letter in my whole life, C. It changed my whole course of life, my dear! No American degree anymore! No Seattle experience anymore.
How I endured the D-Day:
1.       1.Running away from it; went to see friends (Amin and Jac) and talked
2.       2.Pretending to be OK with it
3.       3. Reading (truly saved me)
I almost cried actually in front of Amin inside my car. Well, Amin you know expressing feelings is not one of my expertise. I don’t know how to say thank you to Amin, Jac, Ainul and Sharon.
For other friends who called, miss-called (I purposely did not pick up) and SMSed me, thank you. I am a normal person at heart, so it was normal for me to react like that. There were lots of KTJ friends who I answered their calls and some I did not. Thank you for your support. There was even a mother of my friend who wanted to talk to me. She comforted me saying that it happens for reasons, maybe I will become the Parliamentary Member of Kemaman or so and so. I was so happy and thought that people would say anything to make me get out of it. 
Again, thank you. A special thank to Intan as well. Your optimism aura travelled all the way from Taman Tun into my heart.
Ok, Amin and Jac, thank you. Intan and the KTJ + Childhood-friend’s mother, thank you. To Others thank you. No discrimination on the names mentioned. 

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