16 April 2011

Miri and Belait

Miri. Miri. Miri.
Mak Cik : Pdh lkdi kjh ihs?

Saya       : Ya?

Mak Cik : Hjh kjshd kjjk?

Saya        : Belajar kat Curtin. Hmm, apa? Nama tempat ni orang panggil apa? (So Semenanjung!)

Mak Cik : Sdhsh jhsbdjh Senadin. Fj kjsd hjhh?

That was one of the moments that I will never forget for the rest of my life. It was my first day in Miri and together with my friends, I went out to the so-called the Mid Valley of Sarawak, Bintang Shopping Complex! On the way back on Miri Belait Transport Sdn. Bhd. bus, I sat next to a mak cik. Dialog di atas menerangkan segalanya. That mak cik friendly giler!! But I did not understand a word she was saying except 'Senadin' which is the name of the place where Curtin is located. Aku pun gatal jugak, pergi tegur dan membuat muka peramah kat mak cik tu. Tanya nak balik ke? Jawab je terus  tak faham. Mak cik, you are my motivation for me to learn Sarawakian language since I felt so horrible not able to answer your questions. To have some conversations with the mak cik, I asked her something. " Nama tempat ni orang panggil ape?". So Semenanjung. She answered Senadin! She understood me but not vice versa! Haha. I will learn Sarawakian language, mak cik!

That was one of the little things that I don't think I will ever forget insya-Allah. Okay kids, what can you learn from the story?

1. We are all different and yet we share many common things. So, we should leverage on that. 
2. If you don't understand the language, it is not a barrier for you to show warmth or kindness towards others. 
3. Learn languages of others and accept our differences because it is fun!

Dear Mak Cik Atas Bas,

You have taught me so many things. 

My friends, see the beautiful things that happen in our everyday's life. Driving a Ferrari while watching an old couple on an old motorcycle holding their many children will not make you smile. But, a simple moment like a friendly conversation with a mak cik does.- The Chukai Insider

ps: I met the Mak Cik again on Miri Belait bus. She remembered me. I just smiled at her so that I would not have awkward moment again. I have not improved my Sarawakian language, mak cik.  Next time, okay?

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