16 April 2011

Miri oh Miri...

Slippers slippers on the floor, which pair of you are the
best of all? -Photo by Faidhi Y.

It has been ages since the last time I wrote something for this blog. Today's session of writing is a testament of hard and painful week. I've kind of busy lately. I wasn't so busy actually, but couple of things have made me gone miserable. Ugh! 

Today, Sarawak has a state election. Well, we'll talk about it later. I might have gone a little bit insane if I stop writing. It's something like what happened to Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory when his friends didn't allow him to speak. I love Geology, I love Miri, I love my friends and I love the food here. Miri oh Miri, what have you done to me? Alhamdulillah.

This post is just a product of boredom and stress. This week, I will have mid-term exam, presentation on underground water which I have no idea whatsoever (since my lecturer asked me to change my research topic as only two persons are working on it in my class). 

The thing is, even though when you know you have something hard to be endured starts from this Monday, it is fine because you like what you are doing. I know many of friends have said to me that I should pursue my studies in law, business etc. It is a surprise to me too that I have fallen in love in Geology. Maybe some pessimists will say that I am just a freshman and I'll have more to endure. Never mind. As long as you put heart into something and you like it, you will have the courage to continue what you love doing. Alhamdulillah! How great things have worked out for me. Thank you, Allah. -The Chukai Insider

ps: Actually, I just want to write something. This is the product. Bye bye.

Future topics (semangat nih!): 

1. Friends in Miri
2. People in Miri
3. Cats and dogs in Miri

Haha! Boring!!!!!


  1. Alhamdulillah..
    dok boring eh! tulis je, aku suke bace blog kawang2 aku.. =)

  2. Haha! Azhani! Adakah anda sudah kurus?


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