25 August 2011

I hate Miri, but I love Miri.

-Friend of The Chukai Insider

I hate Miri, but I love Miri. Does that make sense?
Yeah sure, not to you it doesn’t. But to someone who actually stays here, it makes perfect sense.
But how do you hate Miri, but love Miri?

For starters, I can give so many reasons to justify my hatred of this place. Yeah of course, I hate this God-forsaken “city”!
I hate Miri cause the part of this so-called “city” I stay in, is barren. It has nothing. It’s like going to the least explored land in Antartica with a 0.13% chance of actually seeing “civilization”. Of course I’m exaggerating, you cant honestly believe that! But hey, this is just a statement made out of frustration of this boring place.

I hate Miri. And this is the worst part. Those damn mosquitoes I encounter about 26,500 times a day. According to the latest statistics made by Miri’s Health Department, the population of mosquitoes in Miri outnumbers the human population by 4,500 to 1. Yes, the figure is that staggering. Nahh, I’m just pulling numbers out of a hat. I’m not sure to be honest, but if you look at these red spots on my body (mind you, I have a lot of em’!) it certainly feels like it! I know I may sound dramatic at times, but ask anyone from here, they’ll even tell you the mosquitoes here are mutated.

But then again, when I really think about it, how can I really hate this place?
This is the place where I met so many great friends. But you could find friends pretty much anywhere you go wouldn’t you? Nahh, not this bunch that I have here with me now. Goody-goody with that pinch of craziness. Just the way I like em’.
Really, how can I hate this place? I’ve had so many wonderful experiences here, and I’m sure I’ll get much more in the next couple of years of being here. This is the place I’ll tell my kids about. The place “dad” spent 3 wonderful years studying at.
Now that I think about it, these past few months, though countless of complaints were made, I’m actually very happy bout life in Miri. It might not be the life I wanted a few years ago, but it’s certainly a life I’ll cherish for, for the rest of my life.

I guess that is why I hate Miri, but love Miri.

Thank you friends. You guys made it all bearable. Cheers.

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