24 August 2011

Liyana, what is this?

Dear Liyana Lee,

Since I cannot contact you by any mean at all now, so this is my way of communication with you- through your blog feed at the sidebar of your so-called secret but available to public blog! Haha.

I've blocked you on Facebook for just a very stupid and childish reason. I will tell you if you come to Curtin. If not, then let it be. But just to let you know, no hard feelings. Ask Ita, she knows about the reason (without 's') and she responded with 'ee, ala tu pun nak block' feelings. Get it? That was a joke I was playing on you. I try to keep this post to be as mysterious as possible so that you communicate with me. 

To quote you;
"So I don't know, I need to rethink my decision on going to UTP instead of Curtin. We talked a bit about people we know in Curtin (Z, Kak Ita and Faidhi) and I remembered being quite close to Faidhi, but haven't talked to him for a year now. I don't know, I guess I think I would feel intimidated if I were to be around him again (reasons undisclosed but we did discuss it last night)."

To those who are always around Faidhi, The Chukai Insider has an important info for you; he could never understand why anyone would feel intimidated by this childish yet sometimes very matured with curly hair boy/man. Oh please, Faidhi is always a Faidhi. He felt it was extremely funny (and weird) when people get intimidated by him.

With regards to your decision to rethink of going to UTP instead of Curtin, I have many/tonnes of good and bad reasons to come to Curtin. But I could not think anything good of going to the other place, get it? I have informations on the curriculum here and if you want to get details, yes Faidhi-kind-of-details, then contact me. I can tell you about the dogs here too, if you want me to.

By the way, 'quite close'? And 'intimidated' are the phrases I'll be pondering today.

Another one, about you not able to 'terbang', Allah has always has a greater plan for you. I may or may have not found mine. And Kak Ita too. But we are all contented and feel very blessed here. If you ask the collection of people who were not able to 'terbang' in Curtin, they all will say they are super-lucky to be here. So, the bottomline is not how you are not able to 'terbang' but how you respond to the challenges from Allah S.W.T.

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