10 November 2011

Berbeza Pendapat Tidak Sinonim Dengan Bermusuh

Sometimes, it is hard to find words to describe what thoughts that were cluttered in your minds. To write what is in your mind is a tough job.

It is the purpose of this blog to make self reflections and to let others to understand the writer's thinking process because he could not get enough of 'telling people' the way he wanted to.

This blog is not a space for others in the first place, it is  a space for the blogger to make himself think and realised the purpose of his thinking. And in the process, he can find answers to many questions that boggled up his minds.

When he saw 'Berbeza Pendapat Tidak Sinonim Dengan Bermusuh' on Facebook news feed, then he was so happy to see something that he tried to say for such a long time. Alhamdulillah! He had so many conversations with friends telling them 'It's okay if we believe in different things but we know all of us are good', 'we know we want a better Malaysia' etc. but the article made by Saiful Islam is the most accurate and most aligned with what he have thought for such a long time. 

Although Saiful Islam's article discussed how he had difficulties with regards to the Seksualiti Merdeka issue, it is almost the same thing happening to us with friends on a daily basis on wide array of issues.

A friend of mine once even said 'Tak payah la nak discuss bende-bende ni, nanti gaduh' when I asked opinions of a friend of mine about hudud. And hence, the conversation stopped while my heart was furious with anger. How then should we know what each of us understand and move forward? How does Islam is going forward when discussions are to be stopped at any level? I should not be angry too.

However, in the process we must remember not to hurt others. I say this first to myself then others. 
“… bahawa hendaklah kamu menegakkan agama dan jangan pula kamu berpecah belah dalam urusan tersebut…” [Al-Syoora 42: 13]

If we have agreed on that, the discussion will be so much easier because all the parties concerned already know that it is okay to have different opinions but that will never make them enemies. 

Kita boleh berbeza pendapat.

          Tetapi kita tidak boleh berbeza akhlaq.

Apakah beza antara perbezaan pendapat dengan perbezaan akhlaq?
 Sebagaimana fakta juga ada garis panduannya, demikian juga akhlaq.
Akhlaq tidak relatif dan terbuka tanpa panduan.

Membawa akhlaq yang bertentangan tidak sama dengan membawa pendapat yang bertentangan.

Kecelaan akhlaq mesti ditegur. Mesti diperbetulkan. Untuk menyatakan pendapat yang berbeza, kita tidak perlu menjadi kurang ajar, menggunakan perkataan yang kasar, apatah lagi mempersoalkan isi hati orang lain ketika mana kita bukan Tuhan yang boleh menyingkap apa yang ada di sebalik tulisan dan percakapan seseorang. Kita sewajarnya hanya menghukum pada apa yang zahir, kemudian bertaqwa kepada Allah untuk menguruskan apa-apa yang tersembunyi. Source [SaifulIslam]

Sekali lagi ingin saya tekankan, berbeza pendapat tidak sinonim dengan bermusuh!-The Chukai Insider

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