10 November 2011

The Chukai Insider Best Book Blog 2011

The Chukai Insider has found himself one of the best book bloggers which does not fill her blog with chicklits only. The Chukai Insider does not rate book blogs on the basis of its literary quality but more of 'mass interests to certain books'. That means the books are what he thinks he will like.

The Chukai Insider does not think that a book blog filled with reviews of books which are not popular are good for his reading time. Everyone needs the time to have quality books and for The Chukai Insider, a Malaysian kind of perspective is an added bonus. Hence, this blog is the best of its kind. Anyone can have a different opinion about this but he does not care. It does no harm to him to like this book blog.

The Best Book Blog 2011- Hidayah's Book Club- A Passion Shared.
                                                    Blog address-
Hidayah's Book Club
What this blogger features in her blog is simplicity. She is able to capture The Chukai Insider's attention with her wide range of books which are not just interesting but easily available in bookstores in Malaysia. Her passion towards books does show through this blog. Overall, the blog looks very 'honest' and not 'faked' or 'plastics'. 

The reviews are also short with ratings and you feel like she is your friend telling you which books to read with as much honest opinions as possible. The important thing about any book blog is the substance not the physical outlooks. This blog is surely the best of its kind. Congratulations!-The Chukai Insider

*The Chukai Insider likes to do this kind of 'poyo' magazine,newspapers-like thing when he has so much time now. He does not think writing is his passion and  grammar is not in his radar but he really welcomes 'grammar police actions' since he is just too lazy to rectify grammar mistakes and constructive criticisms. Before doing your 'constructive' criticisms, read this

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