10 November 2011

It is a warning after all

"wahai orang-orang yang beriman, kenapakah kamu mengatakan sesuatu
yang tidak kamu kerjakan?! AMAT BESAR KEBENCIAN di sisi Allah jika kamu mengatakan apa-apa yang tidak kamu kerjakan"
[Surah As-saff, 61:2-3]

Upon seeing these words of Allah SWT posted by my friends in a blog with a title of 'Warning' (which made me to take it more seriously) and on Facebook's feed, I stopped doing anything for quite sometimes. The world stopped. The universe was brought to a halt. It brought me to think of it as a big message of how responsible you are for what you said, preached or talked about.

We do this is in our daily lives. I posted about Be Islamic, be critical before and upon reading how a friend of my friend passed away, the message was deeply embedded in my mind. The phrase 'amat besar kebencian di sisi Allah jika kamu mengatakan apa-apa yang tidak kamu kerjakan'  should go to our minds on a daily basis. 

Yes, I did talk many things about Islam, morality, how should we behave etc. and sometimes I do not feel they resonate in my heart. Let's change ourselves and others. It is 'ourselves' that comes before 'others' and the 'and' is there means we should do them (changing ourselves and others) together. 

We have always talked about how morality and justice should be placed in our life. There are always the Islamic guidance that we follow, but sometimes we do make mistakes of not following Allah's words. Not going to classes, I would say is one of the thing that my friends and I should be regretted of doing. When do it regularly, it became a normal thing. And for me, why did I choose class to go to? Was it my choice to decide which lecturers are boring or not?

And yet, sometimes I 'lectured' others for not going to classes which I considered important. In what way other classes were not important?
In times like this, the need of friends are vitally important. What will happen if there was no one reminding us about this? It is always a friend who are always honest to us to make us a better person. And that is why, choosing good friends are of equally important.-The Chukai Insider

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