09 November 2011

Undilah: A baffle to minds

UndilahIt is too late to write about this. But it is never too late to convey the positive message brought by a campaign through Youtube recently. I could not grasp the fuss with the Government for banning the video. Is it because the sometimes-stupid Namawee was in the project? Well, I could accept that and many of us cannot because to some, he said the 'real thing' although what the 'real thing' hit them right them (the supporters) in the nose.

However, banning the video on mainstream media would be a much stupid political act, I would say. We are not even trying to go down the streets to protest (in which I don't support either), but this is a simple act of calling others to do the 'Must-do-thing' for the nation. We should give credits to those who have worked hard to make the campaign. 

The video tries to convey the message to encourage as many voters to do their right as a citizen of this country. And yet, the Government banned the video. I know this campaign came at the right time since my close friends are all not registered although qualified to become one. Hence, to put it simple why does the Government 'curbed' this movement of doing the right thing to Malaysia. Not everyone can become Nicol David to become the world's No.1 player but still they want to contribute to the nation. One of the ways is to encourage others to Vote. How was that wrong still baffled my mind. 

Do not say that the Government already has campaign on their mind since what they are doing with the 'Mari Mengundi' ads made by Jabatan Perfileman Negara was one of the campaign programs that made some of us say 'euww'. The ads should go to the list of the worst ads ever. I do not know how to make the Jabatan or any Government's Jabatans to change with today's 'changes' except with that kind of harsh criticisms as previous constructive criticisms were like going down the drains.

One thing that we are sure of is that even Ku Li was present in the video and that was significance in encouraging Malaysians to cast their vote especially the young ones. Do not say that what am I saying is illegal as I am still a student. How about the rights of me as a Voter? Don't you think that it is a kind of contradicting when they want us to register as voters at the age of 21 but asked us to stay away from politics. You shut up, just register! Woo..
Instead, the website is actually a good ground for the short-message Twitter generation. Here are some of the contents (in which the video was banned!):

Who shall I vote for?
In a democracy, you are entitled to your personal political preference. We don't care who you vote for as long as you do vote.
UndilahWhat do I need to do to vote?
You need to be a Malaysian citizen over the age of 21. You also need to be a registered voter.
How do I register myself as a voter?
There are many voluntary organizations, NGOs and political parties who regularly promote voter registration in public places and events. You may register through them. You may also register at any post office. Just bring you identity card and ask at the counter. It is very easy and takes about 10 minutes.
When should I register?
You may register at anytime. However, if you intend to vote in the coming general election, please register yourself as soon as possible. The Election Commission imposes a voter registration cut-off period counting back 3 months from the date of the election. In other words, you are only eligible to vote if you had registered at least 3 months before the date of the general election.

My friends, you know you have responsibilities to your nation. I have registered myself as a Voter. How about you? It is hypocritical to talk politics when you are not registered as a voter when you are legally qualified to become one. Undilah!-The Chukai Insider

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