09 November 2011

The God of Small Things- Polar?

After long thoughts and reading No Impact Man and Cormac McCharthy's The Road, and of course after someone was angry with the last post The God of Small Things is not really what I actually wrote. I am sorry for that. 

It is a thing to me and maybe you have done it too- to compare your current reading with the previous ones. After those two books which still I am reading, they feel 'lighter' in the literary sense. Cewah, bajet literarist! I made up that word!

When I went to read The God of Small Things just by scanning through, it was 'worth the Booker Prize'. The words were beautiful and smart. But I still think if you want to start a reading habit, don't start with the novel. Maybe you can try the lighter Dan Brown's and Harry Potter's. 

The God of Small Things was 'heavy' and not The Lord of the Ring's 'heavy'. It was written almost with the same literary 'heaviness' as Life of Pi but of course in a different way. And to compare it to Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, this novel is of course lighter and less fun. It was just after reading the last page, you probably might wonder- was that it? The intricate story told in 'hard' way but 'that's it'? Do you get me? If you don't, read the book.

With regards to the 'scenes' in the novel which me, sometimes a liberal in Terengganu, but always a conservative from KL-ite's view, think these are what good novels are made of. What good novels in common have for me is the ability to make me think and able to introduce me to something new. They are able to make you feel the message behind the storylines. The God of Small Things does that, and maybe my yawning would have destroyed the essence of the message to be portrayed in the novel. Go read the book!-The Chukai Insider

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  1. Aku pun rasa macam mu,kita liberal kat terengganu tapi conservative kat kl. so maybe we're just the right amount of both


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