29 April 2011

Gua Niah

Last Saturday, I went to Gua Niah on a trip orgainsed by the Curtin Buddhist Society. Together with my friends , we were so excited to go there since we are all doing geology and nothing make us happier more than seeing rocks. Gua Niah is mainly made up of limestone. It was home for homo sapiens 40,000 years ago. 

We arrived at the Niah National Park at around 10.30 am and had our early lunch. The river looked very muddy though. Is it normal for a rainforest river or due to some logging activities, I don't know. These are three of my friends who went together with me, from left, Shafiq, Rashad and Rakin. 

Look at them- visualising their futures probably. They did not know what they will endure in the journey to Niah Cave.

Shafiq and Wani. They are the seniors (final year Geology) who went together
with us. They explained to us about the formations of the cave.

Welcome! Selamat datang!

Tak masuk lagi dah berpeluh!

Pencucuk ***** datang, jaga-jaga!

I did not know what I was doing! What was I doing?

Kantoi! Korang pernah baca satu hadis tak?

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